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Commercial & Municipal Painting Services

Ontario Factory Coatings provides municipal and commercial painting services across Ontario, giving your organisation a top-quality protective finish on all of your structures. 

Interior & Exterior Painting Service

With our extensive range of products, All Ontario Factory Coatings is ready to meet your coating requirements. We paint protective coatings over metal, wood, concrete or stucco. Whether your commercial or municipal facility needs a touch-up or complete restoration -- interior or exterior – All Ontario Factory Coatings has you covered.

Mobile Municipal & Commercial Painting Service

All Ontario Factory Coatings’ mobile service can handle:

  • Condominiums, apartments, public housing
  • Medical buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Arenas, complexes, venues
  • Parking garages
  • Theatres
  • Municipal, county, township buildings
  • Balconies (railings, floors)
  • Waterproofing, non-slip surfaces
  • Caulking (removal and application)
  • Concrete repairs

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